"Those Who Call My Children Bastard Don't Know Their Own Parents" - Toyin Lawani Says On IG (Photos)

Toyin Lawani is an household name in the entertainment industry. She is Famously known as one of the best Fashion Stylist in the country. She has worked with some big names in the entertainment industry.

Toyin Lawani took to her social media account on Instagram to share new pictures of her children. She added an interesting caption saying that those who called them bastard didn't even get to know their parents.There is more to what she said and you will get to know what it is in the later part of this article.

Toyin Lawani has three children with different men and this has been a part of her life which she is not ashamed to reveal to her fans. She believed that staying in a toxic marriage can ruin one's future and this is the reason why she left her Ex Husband some years ago and she is now married to an handsome man who used to be her photographer and they are happily married with a child named Elora, she is the youngest of the family.

She added that her kids are her life and they have never been a reason for her to cry. She disclose that their fathers has the right to see them anytime they wants and she is not going to hide them from anyone because she understands that it's a punishment to the father.

No one is capable of taking them away from her for months and she understands everything that's going on in the country about what people say about single parents or those who have children for different fathers. Toyin Lawani has done a great job by giving her Children the best value they needed to be a great person in life.

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