See Photo of 5 Popular Nigerian Female Singers Without Makeup and Who's More Beautiful? (Photos)

Sometimes, it is hard to catch a glimpse of our stars with =out make up because their business demands that they always use it. However, we have been able to get some pictures of top stars without make up. Take a look below.

Yemi Alade

Many are convinced that Yemi Alade knows the special secret of beauty, which allows her to remain attractive without makeup. Not being a supporter of plastic surgery and speaking out against other innovative methods of preserving youth, the beautiful Yemi Alade can boast of its flawless appearance and excellent figure. See photos below:


No one can call Simi unattractive, even without makeup and styling. She is charming and sweet that she looks stunning even in the early morning, just waking up. Of course, the main secret of Simi`s beauty is her youth. If there is an opportunity to leave the house without makeup, she will definitely use it. See photos below:


The famous singer Chidinma is equally attractive both with makeup and without it. But the beauty still prefers to appear in public in full makeup, so it is quite difficult to see her without bright eyeshadows or lipstick. She is beautiful by nature and enjoys it. In recent years, Chidinma increasingly appears in public without bright makeup. See photos below:

Seyi Shay

We have to say that without makeup Seyi Shay looks no worse than with it. Of course, cosmetics emphasizes her appearance, but without it, she is natural and unique. The singer fully understands this, so in everyday life, she tries to use the very minimum of cosmetics or even does not use it. A lot of her fans and even critics note that without makeup she even looks younger. See photos below:

Tiwa Savage

Many people even say that singer without makeup looks like an angel, and it is hard not to agree with this, because the singer always has a very soft face, and her unusual appearance does have some sublime notes. Looking at the photo of Tiwa Savage without makeup below, you can personally confirm these words and that the singer looks excellent, as her charm and charisma make her attractive better than any makeup.

See photos below:

Meanwhile, we would like to hear from you. Who is the most beautiful in your opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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