"I Am Much Better Now" Regina Daniels Says As She Flaunts Her New Look (Photos)

Regina Daniels always looks stunning no matter what it takes. She uses everything at her disposal to maintain her attractiveness. The actress just took to social media to show off her latest appearance after recovering from sickness. She went further to announce that she was feeling much better. Despite her recovery from illness, she kept her signature beautiful appearance.

It's a fact that celebrities like Regina have never strayed from their great fashion sense. No wonder many of them determine trends in the world of beauty. Today, Regina flaunted her new look after being absent from social media due to ill health. She also took to Instagram to write, "I'm much better now."

Due to her alluring features, Regina has won the hearts of many admirers. It's obvious that the screen goddess has never failed to capture the attention of her audience. Today, she is looking stunning as usual, despite what she went through.

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