4 Nigerian Actors That Have Transformed After Featuring In Nigerian Television Series, 'The Johnsons' (Photos)

The Johnsons is a famous Nigerian TV series produced by Rogers Ofime which airs on Africa Magic. The Johnsons featured talented movie stars who contributed their talents and creativity to make the television series, "The Johnson" one of the best in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be looking at 4 actors that have transformed after featuring in the Nigerian television series, the Johnsons.

#1. Olumide Oworu (Tari Johnson)

Olumide Oworu is a talented actor, he is one the most watches actors in the Johnsons' family. Olumide plays the character, Tari in the TV series (the second son and third child in the Johnsons' family). He is known for ending in trouble whenever he tries to impress people, especially his parents.

Throwback pictures of the movie star

Recent pictures of him.

#2. Seun Adebajo Osigbesan (Jennifer Johnson)

Suen Adebajo is a multi-talented actress who has contributed her unique skill and talents to the Nigerian entertainment industry. She is one of the cast in The Johnsons. The beautiful lady is the oldest child and the first daughter of Lucky's children. She is known for having a strong relationship with her mother, Emu, she is also the wife of Goodluck, a guy she was pregnant for when she was in school.

In reality, Seun is married and blessed with two kids. See pictures of her below.

See Seun featuring as Jennifer in "The Johnsons."

Her pictures in reality

#3. Susan Pwajok (Blessing Johnson)

Susan Pwajok starred as the second daughter and last child of the Johnsons. As the last born of her parents she always gets almost all she wants from her parents. Though she hasn't been appearing in recent episodes, It has been shown in season 4 that she attends boarding school. The beautiful young girl who was featured in the Johnson has now transformed into a more beautiful lady. See pictures of her below.

Throw pictures of Susan

Recent pictures of the beautiful actress

#4. Samuel Ajibola (Spiff)

Samuel Ajibola is a multi-talented Nigerian actor. Samuel took the character, Spiff in the Nigerian series, he is the most watch character in Johnson's family. He appears to be funny and usually thrills most viewers with the hilarious character he plays in the TV series. Spiff is Lucky's adopted son but he is originally born by Pablo and Lizzy in the series.

Samuel is changed a lot in appearance, he is currently married to Sandra Ajibola.

Throwback picture of Samuel

Recent Photos of Samuel Ajibola

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