2 Nigerian Dwarf Celebrities Who Achieved Fame Despite Their Stature (Photos)

There are some people who have proven that height is not a barrier to success. In this article, we will be talking about two Nigerian Dwarf Celebrities who achieved Fame despite their height.

Onye Lauritta

Onye Lauritta is a Nigerian Paralympian Athlete who was born with a form of achondroplasia, the condition affected her growth rate but that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. Despite her height, she is a very successful Athlete and Actress who has gained recognition in the Country. She has competed in several Competitions in different Countries and she has won several Awards and medals.

Small Stout

Victor Udochukwu Nwaogu who is popularly known as Small Stout is among the Nigerian Dwarfs who achieved Fame in the Country. He is a Comedian, TV Presenter and Voice-over Artist who is doing great in the Country. Although he is not blessed with height, he worked hard to achieve his dreams. According to reports, he became Famous after a video of him appearing with popular Comedians went viral on Social Media and since then he has gained recognition in the Country.

These Celebrities are Role Models to other dwarfs in the Country because they worked hard to achieve their dreams despite their height.

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