University Of Ilorin Makes Its Final Decision On A Student Who Beats His Lecturer (Photos)

After being convicted of a crime of attacking a female professor, Mrs Rahmat Zakariyau of the same Department, the management of the University of Ilorin has dismissed a final year student, Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa of the Department of Microbiology.

The ruling was given by the Student Disciplinary Committee, where Salaudeen was formally charged on Monday, according to a statement from the University's Director of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Kunle Akogun, who also stated that "he has 48 days to appeal against the ruling to the Vice-Chancellor in case he feels unsatisfied with the judgement."

Salaudeen has subsequently been handed over to the police for any additional action that may be required, Akogun added.

According to the University Campus Journalist, Salaudeen is said to have gone to the female lecturer's office and pleaded with her to waive the necessary Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme course that he had missed due to unexpected situations. He is reported to have approached Zakariyau several times, all of which resulted in negative replies prior to the lecturer's assault last Thursday.

"Months before the past Thursday event, he was arrested and held up for two months, hence sufficient to justify his inability to attend SIWES tasks," Salaudeen Waliu stated to University Campus Journalists, UCJ-Ilorin.

He said he went to Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos State, for the first time to meet a buddy. He was waiting for a buddy when he "felt the desire to urinate," according to him. When Salaudeen urinated near a car parked along drain, he was confronted by someone who may have cleaned the car.

He said he was accused of stealing and was not given the opportunity to defend himself before a mob pounced on him, clearly laid out jungle justice, and turned him over to the police, resulting in his two-month incarceration.

He said that when he entered the lecturer's office on that fateful Thursday, she ordered him out. He said that became upset and started arguing, and when the lecturer told him to leave her office; He told her what she was going to do if he didn't go.

In response to that She then hurled a cup at Salaudeen, as he said, and he began to beat her. Salaudeen said that the female lecturer did not fight back, so he beat her and pulled her out of her office to continue the attack.

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