I Only Had N900 When I Arrived In Lagos - BBNaija Ex House mate, Sammie

Sammy, one of the Big Brother Naija contestants, has shared his personal stories before entering the house.

He remarked this morning, when conversing with his housemates, he said he doesn't merit to be a contestant in the Big Brother Naija house because of his low family status.

He stated that he missed his flight on his way to Lagos for the auditions and had to spend N5,000 to arrange for another plane.

He claimed that it was his buddy who sent N20,000 to his bank. He claimed he didn't have transportation when he arrived in Lagos. He pleaded with a friend to give him a lift.

His claimed his mom owns a local shop where she sells foodstuffs. Sammie said he visited his mother's shop to inform her that he was going to the BBNaija auditions in Lagos.

His mother gave him N900, which he claimed was the entire day's earnings from her shop. Her mum wished him well and prayed for her son.

He claimed he lacked the financial means to purchase luxury clothing or an expensive phone. He couldn't post anything on social media because he was using a cheap phone.

Last night, Sammie became the tenth contestant to enter Big Brother's house. Sammy is from Kaduna state. He works as a film producer.

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