I Can't Find My Phones & Tokens - Mr. Macaroni Says As Davido Calls Him To Send His N100M Gift

Popular Nigerian çelebrity David Adebayo best known as Mr. Macaroni is a comedian, actor, activist, influencer, social media personality. A few hours ago the camera captured him alone in his study room. He was seen dressed up in his usual native outfit and at the same time, he was heard panting and sweating like something has gone wrong with him.

While he was in that unusual mood, an unidentified young boy said to be his son came in with a phone and saw the way he acting and he asked why was his he sweating in that manner. However, he replied and said nothing, after which his son said that one of the famous artists identified as Davido who seems to be his friend would want to speak to him right now, and that moment he heard his name, his heart panted so heavenly like he was going to give up the ghost.

He finally spoke to the singer and after he (Davido) said he has been trying to reach out to him since the breaking of the day but to no avail. He said to him that he could not get a hold of his five phones that were obviously on the table in front of him which appears to be in silent mode or switched off. He was handed the call and he finally spoke to him and when he (David) said his birthday coming in a few days and everyone is sending him the sum of a hundred million naira and more to his account.

To distract Davido from what he was telling him, he started singing a song to wish him a happy birthday but the 30B gang boss said to him that he is expecting his gift of 100m from him, he said to him that he has lost his means of transferring money. Meanwhile, his son later told him that the singer said to have gotten the said donations he wanted, and at that point, he (Mr. Macaroni) felt relief and admitted that he has finally found his tokens that were just inside his drawer.

But unfortunately for him, he was asked to send his share, at that moment he started begging that Davido should have mercy on him that he can't afford It. In conclusion, however, stated that if it weren't for his several ongoing projects, the said amount is just too small for him to give out.

It may interest you to know that Davido's birthday is said to be approaching in a few days from now and he decided to challenge his friends to gift him one hundred million naira each to enable him to know those who are his true pals. But to his greatest surprise the money started coming in and according to finding the singer is said to have gotten up to N99m in less than an hour.

Also, like you, all know that Mr macaroni is a talented comedian who loves to make people laugh with his comedy skit. So therefore this is just to put a smile on your face however in my opinion, it also portraits those sets of individuals who may shy away from their friends when the need arises.

Fans gather here and show some love to your favorite çelebrities and tell us this if you had your rib cracked. Thanks for reading, sharing, and following.

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