8 Popular Celebrities Who Have Changed Their Stage Names Overtime To Modify Their Brands

At one time or another, a good number of celebrities and entertainers had changed their stage names for some reasons which are best known to them. Celebrities spend a lot of time to build their reputation and brand names in the entertainment industry. These celebrities may be actors, actresess and singers.

After many years of working hard to create these unique names, many celebrities would never thought of changing their stage names. Even as this is so, there are always exceptions to the rule. While many have changed their stage names completely, others have added little stylistic effects to make their brands more outstanding. Here are eight celebrities who changed their names overtime to modify their brands.

1. Ayo Balogun (Wizkid)

Wizkid isn’t his first stage name. Before he adopted the name Wizkid, he went by the name, ‘Lil Prinz.' Wizkid made his way into the music industry at the age of 11. At that time, he was in a music group known as The Glorious Five.

In 2016, he changed his name to Wizkid. Even as this is so, the legendary singer had also changed the popular stage name, 'Wizkid' to Big Wiz. This came in years after Wizkid had gained influence and popularity in the Nigerian music industry.

2. Peter Okoye

In 2016, the Psquare music duo splitted. After the separation, Peter Okoye whose stage name was formerly known as Peter changed it to Mr P. In 2021, he allegedly disclosed that he now wants to be called Daddy P.

3. Innocent Idibia

Innocent Idibia is another celebrity that had changed his stage name. The artiste changed his stage name from 2face to 2Baba. This took place after a controversy involving his former music partner, Blackface had claimed he named him 2face.

4. Paul Okoye

In 2019, Paul Okoye decided to go for King Rudy as opposed to the former tag of Rude Boy.

5. Toyin Abraham

In 2017, the popular actress, Toyin Aimakhu disclosed to her fans that due to result of family decisions, She would preferred to be called Toyin Abraham.

6. Kizz Daniel

In 2018, Daniel made some stylistic changes to his stage name. He disclosed on his social media pages that his stage name 'Kiss Daniel' is now changed to Kizz Daniel. This took place after his former record label had refused to allow him keep the name. They said the name was their property.

7. JAY – Z

This is another celebrity that edited and modified his stage name. After he had released his most recent album 4:44, he made a technical edit to the way his name is spelt. He maintained that his name should not be spelt as Jay Z or Jay–Z, but should be spelt as JAY - Z.

8. Snoop Lion

After he had released his reggae album, Snoop Dogg decided to change his name to Snoop Lion. However, after a year, he went back to his former stage name, Snoop Dogg, because the new stage name did not flow well. Guys what are your views on this?

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