5 Populars Instagram Skit Makers Who Are Also Nollywood Actors (Photos)

Skit making is fast becoming a source of income in Nigeria and we have many Nigerians who are using this opportunity to live a better life. This talent has brought some into the Nollywood industry allowing them to express themselves as actors.

While many remained Instagram skit makers, some of them were able to storm the Nollywood industry with their talent;

1. Debo Adedayo;

Nigerian Instagram skit maker popularly known as Mr Macaroni or Daddy Wa is one of the popular Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

Due to his enormous talents, Debo Adedayo was able to storm the Nollywood industry. He is a Nollywood actor who usually features in Yoruba movies. Mr Macaroni has featured in movies like Ayinla Omo Wura, Matchmaker and many Nigerian movies.

2. Samuel Perry;

Samuel Perry popularly known as Broda Shaggi is a famous Nigerian Instagram skit maker. The popular Nigerian made fame from his Instagram skits and has been consistent.

Broda Shaggi's consistency brought him into the Nollywood industry. He was able to storm the industry and he is now one of the popular Nollywood actors. He has featured in movies like Fate of Alakada, Omo Ghetto The Saga, Dwindle, Days Of Destiny.

3. Yemi Elesho;

Yemi Elesho also known as Broda Nuru is the handsome son of the popular veteran Adewale Adeoye popularly known as Elesho. He is an Instagram comedian who is doing very well in the industry.

Yemi Elesho also took the same career path as his father. The popular comedian mostly features in Yoruba movies and usually act comedies roles.

4. Oluwatoyin Bayegun;

Oluwatoyin Bayegun also known as Woli Arole is an Instagram comedian who is known for his comical Gospel preaching. Woli Arole became a famous figure in the entertainment industry after his skits went viral on all social media.

Woli Arole's ability as an Instagram skit maker propels him into the Nollywood industry and became a popular face in the Nollywood industry. He produced a movie titled "The Call" and has featured in many Nollywood movies.

5. Adeyela Adebola;

Adeyela Adebola popularly known as Lizzy Jay or Iya Ibadan is a popular Instagram skit maker who became famous after her skits of speaking bad grammar went viral. She Instantly became famous and it opened ways for her.

Lizzy Jay talents propel her into the Nollywood industry and with her amazing talent, she was able to get featured in movies and has acted in many Nigerian movies.

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