3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested In Other African Countries And Why?

As the laws apply equally to all people, celebrities can be arrested or punished whenever they are found guilty of any crime, whether in their own country or outside their country. In this article, let's look at Nigerian celebrities who have been arrested in other African countries and why they were arrested.


The reality star took to his Twitter page on 9th November 2021, to narrate how he was arrested by the police in South Africa because there was a curfew.

According to the Anambra State-born, it was his first time visiting the city, and he was having no idea that there was a curfew at the location where the police stopped him. However, he was released after police took him to their station to identify himself.

Why Cross was arrested and was taken to the police station was to know why he disobeyed the curfew order, which simply states the time when people must stay indoors at a certain location. However, with the fact that the reality star was a new visitor who had no idea of the curfew at the location, he was freed.

Omah Lay and Tems

In December 2020, the two Nigerian

artists were arrested by the officers of the Uganda police force in Kampala, Uganda after going against covid-19 guidelines. They spent a few days in police custody while awaiting trial in court before they were granted bail.

They were arrested shortly after their live performance at Speke Resort, Wavamunno road, Kampala because they failed to observe covid-19 protocols which include, social distancing.

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