2 Nollywood Stars Who Had Fatal Accidents And Were Unable To Walk For Years But Fortunately Survived

There are some Nollywood Stars who had accidents that affected their lives and Careers but are still doing great in the Industry. In this article, we will be discussing two Nollywood Actors who had accidents and were unable to walk for years but fortunately survived.

Femi Branch

Femi Branch survived an accident that left him crippled for two years in the year 2011. He was shooting his second Movie when he had an accident and broke his legs. He had five fractures on his right foot and four fractures on his left foot. He once stated that he spent three years rehabilitating in preparation to walk again and that he can't stress the legs till today because the legs can get swollen from stress.

Anne Njemanze

Veteran Actress, Ann Njemanze was involved in an accident in Calabar, Cross River State few years ago. According to Vanguard, the accident which left a scar on her chin almost took the life of the Actress. The Actress made use of crutches for two years and couldn't walk on her own for years but she recovered from the incident and today she is doing great in life and she is still active in the Movie Industry.

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