2 Female Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Having An Affair With Wizkid (Photos)

Wizkid, a well-known Nigerian musician, has had multiple relationships with different ladies, however he is now unmarried. Several female celebrities have been accused of having an affair with Wizkid as a result of their close relationship with the musician.

1. Shatta Michy

In September of 2021, the Ghanaian musical singer Shatta Michy was accused of meeting Wizkid in his hotel room, according to reports. According to an interview with Shatta Michy, who was formerly in a relationship with Shatta Wale, the situation has been resolved.

Her and Wizkid are not friends, she claims, and they just meet for the purpose of doing business, according to Shatta Michy. She also expressed concern that Wizkid was too short for her height. According to Shatta Michy, "How can a tall girl like me date a tiny man like Wizkid?" she wonders.

2. Victoria Kimani

A collaboration between Wizkid and Victoria Kimani in 2014 resulted in the 36-year-old Kenyan singer and songwriter being accused of sleeping with the Nigerian superstar.

The accusation originated from a fan of M.I Abage, who accused Victoria Kimani of sleeping with Wizkid while he was dating a woman named Tania Omotayo at the time of the incident.

Victoria Kimani responded to her accuser by asserting that she has the right to be in a relationship with whoever she chooses.

Amidst these allegations, Wizkid did not utter a word on social media.

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