Regina Daniel And 3 Other Female Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Lying About Their Age (Photos)

Age can sometimes be a controversial topic, especially in the entertainment industry. The age group of celebrities is important because it can influence the type of opportunities they get. Take a look at Regina Daniel and three other female celebrities who have been accused of lying about their age.

1. Maria

The 29-year-old tv personality, Maria Chike Benjamin rose to fame after her appearance in Big Brother Naija season 6. Some social media users accused Maria of being at least 34-35.

Maria is yet to respond to such allegations.

2. Nengi

The 23-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur, Rebecca Nengi Hampson is one of the most successful contestants in BBNaija season 5 lockdown edition. Nengi's age has been a controversial discussion for some time now.

Apart from fans making their own claims, the Big Brother female star, Kaisha also accused Nengi of reducing her age.

3. Kash Doll

The American female rapper, Kash Doll has puzzled fans about her actual age. Many fans believe Kash Doll is in her 30s. Kash Doll from time to time have denied such claims.

However, Kash Doll claims to be younger than 30.

4. Regina Dainels

The 20-year-old Nigerian actress, Regina Dainels no doubt looks older than her age. This is one of the reasons why many fans believe Regina Dainels is older than 20.

Regina Dainels caused more controversy when she showed off her PVC in 2019. This led to claims that Regina Dainels was born in 1998.

Do female celebrities lie about their age, yes. Are the female stars in this article guilty as such, no one really knows. The most important thing is that these celebrities have given us good memories and we appreciate them for that.

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