Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Bursts Into Tears At Her Late Mother’s Burial (Photos & Videos)

It was a painful and heartwrenching moment to watch as popular Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing burst into tears on the coffin of her late mother that just recently passed away.

Nkechi Blessing:

The Nollywood actress announced the death of her mother Mrs Gloria Obasi Sunday, whose birthday was just around the corner. The Nollywood actress was devastated to hear the news of her mother's death had to bear the moment she approached her late mother's coffin.

Nkechi Blessing with her late mother Mrs Gloria Obasi Sunday:

It was at this point that Nkechi Blessing burst into tears and clung on to her late mother's coffin despite the efforts of the sympathizers to restrain her. One could tell Nkechi Blessing was heartbroken as she as kept calling on her late mother while she clung on to her coffin.

“Leave me let me hold her! Mama, I love you so much, She can hear me, Mama, I love you”.

Nkechi Blessing said as she burst into tears.

The moment Nkechi Blessing burst into tears as she held on to her late mother's coffin:

Friends and sympathizers were finally able to restrain her as continued on with the funeral rites.

Nkechi Blessing finally gets restrain by her family and friends:

This is a painful experience for Nkechi Blessing, and I pray she finds strength to endure her time of bereavement. May her mother's soul rest in peace.

Watch the video below.

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