Meet A Young Lady From Port- Harcourt Was Able To Save Much Money (Photos)

Following the current situation of Nigeria, it is really hard to save money inside a box. However, a young girl named Empress Ti from Port Harcourt has shown, it could still possible, even now that there is recession in the country.

Empress Ti, has been secretly saving money in her box for quite sometime, and now she has finally broken her saving box.

From the pictures showing the money she realized through her savings, she saved quite a good sum of money, owing to the fact that she is still young to do so.

Empress Ti, was able to save more of one thousand naira notes, Five hundred naira notes and a little of Two hundred naira notes.

Here are the reasons why Empress Ti was able to realize such money from her savings, despite her tender age.

1. Character; As a young girl who is surrounded by loved ones, she gets money from her them due to her good character. People hardly give out money or things to a Child who is not well behaved and doesn't run errands when called upon.

For Empress to have received such money from her loved ones, means she is a nice girl who is loved by everyone and runs errand with smiling face when asked to do so. She returns on time which could stimulate the person to give her money as appreciation.

2. She doesn't Pay Bills; Empress is still very young and so, She completely depends on her parents and those around her for needs. She doesn't pay bills as her parents and loved ones would do that for her. She eats freely from the sweat of her parents, thereby saving the money gets.

She wouldn't have exposed the money realized from saving she got the money illegally and so other children, including adults, should emulate her and learn to save.

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