Meet Actress Regina Daniel's Lookalike Who Is Also An Actress (Photos)

Sometimes, you wonder as if God created us with our backup carbon copy of us somewhere else, because you may likely see somebody that resemble you in terms of facial structure, skin color and other body structure and some of our celebrities are not exempted.

In this article, I would be sharing with you photos and brief biography of Ummi Rahab, a Kannywood actress who share a striking resemblance with Nollywood actress Regina Daniels.

Ummi Rahab is a famous Nigeria young actress in the Kannywood industry. She is known for her wonderful acting in the movie and beauties. She started her acting career as a kid actress. She completed her education in her hometown.

Ummi Rahab and Regina Daniels share striking resemblance that one may mistook them for sisters, but Regina Daniels is from the southern part of Nigeria while Ummi Rahap northern part of Nigeria.

Hoping to see both of them featured no in movie as twins.

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