"Married Women Are Not Meant To Be Singing "Somebody Son" Actress Anita Joseph Says.

Tiwa Savage's song “Somebody’s Son” has been making waves as it became some type of anthem. People within and across the globe keep singing it.

A lot of popular Nollywood celebrities keep on playing the song on their social media pages while hailing Tiwa Savage.

However, one of the Nollywood actor Anita Joseph doesn’t think married women should be singing “Somebody’s Son”.

The popular Nollywood actress hilariously disclosed On social media that whenever she sings it, her husband, Mc Fish would be giving her some look as though she is looking for a guy.

However, the actress has come up with a remix to the lines. As it reads, “Married women are not meant to be singing somebody son will find me one day because when I sing my hubby will eye me like you Dey find who. So I came up with these lines. Somebody Son has found me already. Tiwa will send understand this hot seat”

What's your take on this?

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