“If My Wife Wants To Get Angry, Let Her Get Angry”–Bovi Says As He Toasts A Lady Posted By Don Jazzy

Nigerian stand-up comedian, actor and writer Bovi, whose real name is Abovi Ugboma recently took to Instagram to take part in a flirting challenge set up by Nigerian record producer Don Jazzy.


Don Jazzy:

For the challenge that Bovi participated, Don Jazzy recently introduced a gorgeous looking lady to his fans and asked them to shoot their shot by flirting with her.

“Ok guys meet Haisnah and shoot your shot. She will pick the shot that she likes to win the 100k prize. But then I will also sponsor a dinner date for the two of you”. Don Jazzy said.

Checkout the photo of the lady Don Jazzy shared to his fans below:

Comedian Bovi and numerous fans tried out their to toast the lady. Writing in Pidgin English, Bovi with his well established humour said that needs a woman to cushion his fall if he falls and didn't care if his wife gets angry or not.

Translating to the English language, Bovi humourously wrote:

“If my wife wants to get angry let her get angry. I need a woman that can cushion my fall if I fall. I hereby shoot my shot!”.

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