9 Nigerian Celebrities That Look Exactly Like Their Mother (Photos)

They are a few Nigerian celebrities who look remarkably like their mothers. However, after some research, we have compiled 9 Nigerian stars who look so much like their mother.

1. Burna Boy

Not only do daughters resemble their mothers, but sometimes sons do as well. This is particularly noticeable in the case of Nigerian artist Burna Boy, who shares a striking resemblance with his mother, Bose Ogulu (who also happens to be his manager).

2. Tonto Dikeh

Popular Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh also shares a remarkable resemblance with her late mom. Fans noticed the striking resemblance between Tonto and her late mother after seeing photo of her late mom on social media.

3. Adesua Etomi

Despite the skin tone difference, Adesua Etomi shares an amazing resemblance with her mum. With one look you would be able to see the facial resemblance, most especially by the nose.

4. Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele looks just like her mum. You might think Funke Akindele is her doppelgänger or reincarnation because she looks so much like her mother. These two women are unmistakably mother and daughter, from the gap in their teeth to the way they each smile!

5. Annie Idibia

Annie Idibia, a well-known Nigerian actress and wife of 2Face Idibia, also shares an incredible resemblance with her mom. They might even be mistaken as twins if it hadn't been for her mother's size! Or do you disagree?

6. Simi

7. Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke makes sure not to post too much about her family online. But when the Nollywood actress one day decided to post photos with her mother, her fans were quick to point out the striking similarity between the two women.

I mean, look at them. From the way they smile to the way they pose, these are two women who were definitely cut from the same cloth.

8. Regina Daniels

A good fan of Regina Daniels on social media, will know that she and her mother, Rita Daniels, have a very unique relationship.

The two are constantly photographed in the same outfits, playing together, sometimes even kissing on the lips.

Because they are so close, it is easy for people to sometimes mistake them for sisters instead of mother and daughter. Talk about a similarity, not only in appearance but also in behavior.

8. Ruth Kadiri

Ruth Kadiri's mother and herself are so much like sisters. If you you not careful enough you will mistake Ruth's mother as her older sister and not her mother.The similarity between the two women is simply strange.

Even in their gestures, they are similar. The way they both smile, the way the makeup sits on their two faces ... you don't need a fortune teller to tell you that these two are related.

9. Mayorkun

Mayorkun is another example of a male celebrity who closely resembles his mother. Her mother, Toyin Adewale, is a Nollywood actress and when you look at them, mother and son, the similarity between the two is undeniable.

From the dimples on her cheeks to the way her facial features match, there's no denying that Mayorkun and his mother are cut from the same cloth.

The moment popular Nigerian singer Simi shared a photo of her mom, fans were very quick to point out the similarity between Simi and her mother. Without doubt, Simi is just a carbon-copy of her mom.

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