6 Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Are Rocking Blonde Low-Cut Styles (Photos)

The blonde low cut has become a trending hairstyle for ladies. Everybody wants to tint their hair. There are different opinions on beauty and what one should do to appear more attractive. Some ladies prefer wigs, braids to cutting their hair while some like to keep low-cut. What matters is that you're doing what you like and you feel comfortable in it. That's beauty itself, doing what makes you comfortable.

Blonde hairstyle is a daring hairstyle, only the courageous and bold ladies can rock the hairstyle. The hairstyle draws attention and makes you stand out in the crowd. Though, society sees people with the hairstyle as unserious, troublesome, or criminals. But that's not true because one's appearance should not be used to define them.

Recently, I noticed most Nigerian celebrities, both males and females are switching from their usual hairstyle to blonde lowcut and they are lovely in it.

Below is a list of celebrities' rocking blonde hairstyles.

1. Nancy Isime.

Nancy is a well known fashionista in the entertainment Industry. The blonde low cut has been her signature hairstyle since she came into the spotlight and she still rocks it till date. She is one of the few people that started the trend, so it's only fair that we call her the trendsetter.

2. Priscilla Ojo.

Pretty Ajoke Ojo joined the blonde hair gang this year. She tinted her hair brown and it looks nice on her.

3. Beatrice.

Ex-BBNaija housemate Beatrice is also part of the blonde hair gang. I love the hairstyle because of the vibes that it gives to people. It gives that a playful kind of vibes.

>4. Iyabo Ojo

Like a daughter-like mother, Iyabo Ojo joined her daughter in rocking the hairstyle. She also tinted her hair brown.

5. Uche Ogbodo

The beautiful actress tinted her hair white and has styled it with a C- cut that looks captivating.

6. Angela Okorie.

If she isn't on the list, then the list is incomplete. Angela is known to be daring in most aspects of her life that have been shown to the media.

Have you tinted your short hair before? How did it look on you?

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