4 Popular Nollywood Stars Who Are No Longer Active In Nollywood Movies (Photos)

Nollywood has grown to become one of the biggest movie industries in the world. It has created a lot of stars, many of which are no longer active in movies. Many Nollywood stars have come and gone giving rise to upcoming artists to showcase their talents in acting.

1. Hanks Anuku

Back in the days, Hanks Anuku was described as one of the bad boys of Nollywood due to his active roles in movies. Unfortunately, Hanks Anuku is no longer active in the Nigerian movie industry.

2. Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is one actor who can take on the role of a king very well. He is among the few Nollywood stars who built a foundation on the Nollywood. But recently, the 74 years old actor is no longer active in the movie scene.

3. Emeka Ike

During the early days of the Nigerian movie industry, Emeka Ike was among the hottest stars back then. He was often described as a romantic actor. But recently, the 54 years old actor has withdrawn from his roles in Nollywood.

4. Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus has been in the Nigerian movie industry for more than two decade. During her early days in Nollywood, she was one of the most sought after actresses. But recently, the actress is no longer prominent in movies.

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  1. Hanks Anuku made me love Nigetian movies. I stopped watching them after realizing that he doesn't act anymore.

  2. What's the reason they are no longer in the movie industry

  3. Mine is Pete edochie his word in movie is comes with wisdom

  4. Emeka inactive, I became inactive. I had loved only two actors in the world, Bollywood Akshay Kumar and Nollywood Emeka Ike. Unfortunately Emeka left, and gortufortun Akshay reigns.