4 Popular Female Nigerian Dancers Who Are Making Waves In The Entertainment Industry (Photos)

Every human being is blessed with a different unique talent, but what really matters is what and how you will put your talent into good use. In this article I will discuss 4 female celebrities who have put their dancing talent into good use and are now making waves in the entertainment industry.

1. Liquorose:

Roseline afije popularly known as liquorose is one of the Nigeria female dancers making waves in the entertainment industry. Before participating in the Big Brother Naija show, she was already a superstar and had been featured in many Nigeria music videos.

With the current exposure she gained from the Big Brother Naija show, she has been receiving a lot of recognition from people in Nigeria and Africa.

2. Janemena

Janemena does not need further introductions, the 28-year-old dancer is known for her twerk videos which she usually posts on her official Instagram account.

Her dancing prowess exposed her to the world, as of the time of writing this article, she is followed by an American popular rapper “Cardi B”

3. Korra Obidi-Dean

Korra Obidi-dean is an American-based Nigeria dancer and musician. The beautiful dancer has gained a lot of recognition in the Nigeria entertainment industry, her dancing prowess has made her popular and was even nominated on the list of African best dancers at the “afrimma” awards in 2017.

4. Kaffy

kaffy has been a dancer for more than a decade, and she's still recognized as one of the best dancers in Nigeria. kaffy has featured as a dancer in many Nigeria singers music video and has even made it to the ‘guinness book of records’.

One reason why kaffy is highly respected and recognized in the Nigeria entertainment industry is because she can feature in any dance video, irrespective of the dance pattern or style. Kaffy is also married with kids.

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