3 Nollywood Actress Who Are Currently Showcasing Their Beautiful Tinted Short Hair (Photos)

The Nigerian entertainment industry is filled with pretty ladies who are fond of flaunting their hair, which usually is made up of weaves and wigs, in fact it has become a regular sight as many people have even forgotten what the natural hair of these celebs look like, but while this is so there are others of their counterparts that have taken delight in wearing short hairs, which they usually style by tinting it into other colors to fit them, and combine nature with a bit of coloring, Nigerian celebs who currently enjoy showcasing their fine tinted hair on Instagram includes:

Annie Macaulay: she is a fine Nollywood actress that is married to legendary musician 2Baba, she is one woman who has various photos of herself wearing weave on, but recently she has switched that up, as she has showcased various photos of herself wearing her natural shirt hair to the delight of her fans who always praise her for it, while she stunned.

Uche Ogbodo: if there is one actress that seem to have made wearing her natural short tinted hair an identity then it is nobody but Uche Ogbodo, the beautiful mother of one has a knack for wearing her hair low, which she usually styled in different shades of color to show her beautiful self, with the way she looks wearing her hair you can tell she has decided to make it her identity.

Ruth Kadiri: She has a thing for weaves, as a CEO of a weave on hair, she recently shared photos of herself wearing her natural short hair which is tinted, the style gave her a unique look which can be described as distinctive, the hair really showed Ruth, in a view that many haven't seen before, but her appearance was cool and soothing.

The aforementioned celebrities are female stars who have been very captivating with their style of short hair that fits them well, a break from the norms of having to wear weaves every time when showcasing themselves on Instagram.

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