3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Denied Dating Mercy Johnson And One Guy Who Was Willing To Marry Her (Photos)

In this informative write-up, I will be sharing with you some interesting relationship facts about the guys that popular Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson allegedly dated before tying the knot.

Mercy Johnson is a Nigerian actress who is known for being one of the industry's most naturally gifted female stars. She has appeared in numerous tv-series and movies because of what she brings to the table and is not a secret because she has appeared in big-name movies

Mercy Johnson, a well-known Nigerian actress, is currently married to Prince Odianosen Okodjie, and they have four beautiful kids, girls and one boy. Despite the fact that Mercy Johnson is a mother and wife, she is said to have dated a few famous men, so let's take a look at them.

Below we have sectioned each of Mercy's past romantic relationships according to the men she dated:

3. Emmanuel Ikubese

Mercy Johnson, a popular Nigerian actress, is said to have dated Emmanuel Ikubese. Emmanuel Ikubese is one of Nigeria's most well-known models and performers. He was rumoured to have had a loving relationship with the award-winning starlet, well according to Emmanuel Ikubese, he had a meltdown on Mercy Johnson but backed out after Mercy was wedded.

2. Benedict Johnson

Benedict Johnson is a well-known Nigerian performer, model, filmmaker, Media personality, and artist. Some other man the popular Nigerian actress is said to have dated is Benedict Johnson. However, Benedict has denied the reports that he is romantically involved with the actress(Mercy).

1. Majid Michel

Majid Michel, a popular Ghanaian actor who appeared in both Nigerian movies and Ghallywoods films, is now a man of God. Majid Michel is also on the ranking of men who presumably dated Mercy Johnson, an award-winning actress. Majid Michel was accused of buying a house with his girlfriend, which they intend to live in after they wed.

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