3 Female Nigerian Celebrity Who Got Fame and Money Through Dancing (Photos)

The Nigerian entertainment industry is one industry that is filled with many talented individuals, who with their talent have become very famous and rich.

The entertainment industry boasts of so many departments such as the acting, singing, dancing, and comedy department, so many talented individuals have benefited immensely from this body.

Today I would be bringing to you three Nigerian dancers who got fame and made so much money just by utilizing their dancing skills, these ladies are well known throughout the country for their dancing ability, they have gotten so popular that they model for several brands and also own their businesses.

1. Janema: Usiwo Oriezinena Jane known professionally as Janema was born on April 3rd, she hails from Delta state, she is regarded as one of Nigeria's best dancers.

The beautiful lady got famous in 2017 after she won two million naira from a dancing competition organized by popular Nigerian artiste Kcee, the beautiful dancer after winning the award, began posting her short dance videos on Instagram which brought her enough fame.

She got married in 2019 to her longtime boyfriend, Janema is one of the beautiful dancers who got fame and money through dancing

She is a brand ambassador to different brands and has over 3 million followers on her Instagram account.

Her dancing career brought her so much fame, that she is often regarded as the best female dancer in Nigeria.

2. Dr. Kaffy: Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shefau is a known dancer, dance instructor, and fitness coach, the beautiful dancer rose to fame after she broke a Guinness world record for the longest dance in 2006.

This record brought her so much fame and money, she is married with two kids, Dr. kaffy is one dancer who has influenced many Nigerians through her excellent talent.

3. Korra: She is an award-winning dancer and Nigerian artist, she is also one of the numerous dancers who gained fame and money.

The beautiful dancer rose to fame after she started posting her dance videos on her Instagram account, she is married to an American doctor and currently has one child.

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