2 Young Nigerian Celebrities Who Bought Expensive Properties For Their Parents (Photos)

Certain individuals were not brought into the world with silver spoon however they effectively made one for themselves through difficult work. Getting into fame is definitely not a simple accomplishment yet through effortlessness and difficult work, certain individuals ended up at the center of attention and they utilized the chance they got.

It is relevant to take note of that few out of every odd youngster progressing admirably and purchasing costly things is a cheat. There are many youngsters in Nigeria who have begun taking a stab at a youthful age. Hence, ditch the psychological conviction that each youngster carrying on with glitzy life is included is extortion. It is totally off- base.

Here is the rundown of two Nigerian young people who became wildly successful youthful age and utilized a portion of their cash to purchase costly presents for their folks.

1. The main individual on the rundown is Divine Ikubor, broadly known as Rema.

At the youthful age of 17, Rema put a major grin on the essence of his mom. He astounded her with a vehicle gift, a Lexus SUV, which purportedly cost generally N4 to N8 million, contingent upon the model, as at 2017.

It isn' t the situation that Rema' s youth was all fun and blushing with no difficulty. At the point when he was only 15, he had lost the two his dad and more seasoned sibling. It was his adoration for music and appetite to accomplish something more prominent that assisted him with driving forward through the unpleasant occasions.

During a meeting with CapitalXtra, Rema unveiled that he had hustled truly hard as a kid. He said he went to Ghana to work at a bar sea shore prior to hitting a forward leap in the music business.

He likewise said that he was not ' actually' rich when he gifted his mom the vehicle however he didn' t prefer to see his mom traveling. Since he didn' t have a lot to do with the cash around then, he purchased a vehicle for his mum.

Wat Rema did had an extraordinary effect in his life on the grounds that soon after respecting his mom, music star D' Prince reached out to him and marked him to his name ' Jonzing World' , which is an auxiliary of Mavin Records.

2. Another little youngster who gifted her mom a costly house gift is Emmanuella Samuel, essentially known as Emmanuella.

The teenager entertainer is inarguably one of the quickest rising child comediennes in Nigeria and the landmass on the loose. At the youthful age of 5, Emmanuella' s finesse and acting ability had as of now been found by Mark Angel. She acquired media acknowledgment at the youthful age of 5 and she in a real sense turned into each family top choice.

Photographs of the house property Emmanuella gave his mom at the youthful age of 10

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