2 Nigerian Celebrities Who Gave Their Lives To Christ in 2021 (Photos)

The year 2021 has been life changing for some Nigerian celebrities who had an encounter with Christ and confessed to his glory. The stories of these celebrities proves that anyone can be touched by Christ and have a change of heart to become devoted follower of the Gospel.

Kindly read to the end as I reveal two notable people in the Nigerian entertainment industry who became born again this year.

1. Chidinma Ekile:

Chidinma Ekile used to be a hip-hop musician who has released songs in the entertainment industry such as Oh Baby, Kedike, Emi Ni Baller and many others before she walked away from it all. Chidinma announced in May 2021 that she won't be singing secular music anymore because she had given her live to Christ.

However, her mode of dressing and lifestyle has changed compared to the past. Chidinma has even began to release Gospel songs such as Ko S'Oba Bire, Holy, This Love, Jehovah Overdo in her Album titled New ‘Season2021’ which proves that she has truly changed.

2. D’ Banj:

>D’ Banj is another Nigerian singer who also announced that he has given his life to Christ this year. The American-based singer revealed this in May 2021, the same month as Chidinma that he is now a born again Christian. The singer attributed his change of heart to the demise of his son. Recalling the incident, he said God blessed him with twins to cover up for the lost one.

As a confirmation, the singer and his wife were seen at the Streams of Joy International Church which is headed by Mr Jerry Uchechukwu Eze on a Sunday service to worship God there. He also attended a Church concert hosted by Moses Bliss who is a gospel artiste in Abuja.

What are your thoughts about these celebrities who turned retraced their steps back to Christ?

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