"You Are Making Queen Sad For That I'm Not Happy With You" -Nini to Whitemoney

It is no news that Queen, one of the popular big brother Naija shine ya eyes housemate has been sad and moody for sometime now in the house due to Whitemoney admitting that he likes someone else other than herself and also because she is up for possible evictions this week.

Well, Nini decided to be a good friend and she reached out to Whitemoney on Queen's behalf and expressed how she felt about the way Whitemoney treated Queen.

According to Nini, she said "Whitemoney you are making Queen sad for that I'm not happy with you".

After Nini said this, Whitemoney, who was playfully on his knees decided to stand up and defend himself, he stated that Nini hasn't heard his own side of the story, that Queen is also making him to be sad but because he is a mad, he decided not to show it.

Whitemoney further responded and said that Queen will be fine that she is just in her feelings, with time she will get over it. Hopefully Queen gets better and become her usual self knowing that the show is just a game.

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