Nigerian Singer Wizkid Shared Brand New Photos as he Tagged Himself '' King of Afro Pop ''

Wizkid must be basking in the light of his recently released Made in Lagos Deluxe album, as he shared new images of himself on his Instagram page with one of the photos including a write-up that reads ''The King of Afro Pop '' the photos he shared are all fresh as they are unlike anything he has released before when it comes to photograph, and he looked really amazing in them.

The photos tend to suggest that he might be shooting a new music video for his latest effort, as there is no video on any of the tracks that was included in the recent musical project he had released which is quite strange coming from a musical artist, as musicians have a knack for ensuring that they have a video put out for the promotion of any album released by them which has become a norm, but Wizkid delaying an accompanying musical video for his project only means he is trying to starve his audience to really want to see a new music video from him before he puts something out which has become norm.

The Photos Wizkid shared were very amazing as the photos he shared includes him standing on a red powdered surface while wearing a red outfit, a photo of him standing on a wing of an airplane, a photo of him standing on a set of a piano, the photos he shared are not short of exciting as many of his fans were delighted by the images, even some of his celebrity colleagues were not left out of commending him with some sweet words which are deserving of the photos she posted.

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