Nigerian Female Army Over-Reacted By Bathing Corp Member With Unknown Substance After They Had An Argument (Photos)


ahara Reporters recently reported how a female Soldier who has been identified as Lt. Chika Viola Anele, was captured on camera, punishing a female member of the National youth service corps (NYSC) in river state, after they engaged in an argument at the 13 Brigade headquarters in Calabar.

The officer was seen pouring an unknown white substance on the corps members while she was on her kneels, after which she hit her with a bowl.

A lot of social media users are beginning to call out the Nigerian military, to look into the case, and make sure the female officer is penalised.

In my opinion, the female Soldier over reacted by pouring the unknown substance on the corp member after an argument. She clearly used her military power and position to oppress the lady, and it is not fair, it doesn't speak good about the military.

Even though they had a heated argument, there are several ways to settle a dispute amicably without causing harm to the other party. The military need to call the soldier to order and remind her of her role in the Nysc camp, which does not include oppressing corp members.

What are your thoughts about this?

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