If Me & You See $203 Million On The Floor, What Will You Use Your $3 Million To Do? - Popular Nigerian Comedian AY Makun Asks

Popular Nigerian comedian and TV Presenter, Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known as AY Makun, has again taken to social media to ask his followers a very surprising question.

Speaking through his facebook account, comedian AY, assumed that if him and you found $203 million on the floor and share the money $200 to $3 million, he wanted to know what you will use the money to do?.

He stressed that he was curious about how you're going to spend the share of $3 million given to you.

He wrote: "If me and you see 203 million dollars on the floor, what will you use your 3 million dollars to do? I am curious, I just want to know."

According to the comedian way of sharing the money, you will notice that he's been biased for giving out $3 million out of the sum of $203 million. Meanwhile, his inquiry has garnered many different reactions as netizens took to his comment section to state how they will spend their own share.

Majority agreed that they would never accept lesser share from the money, stating that the money will be equally share. At the same time, another set of people noted that they would use the $3 million to build house, buy car and spend part of it on woman.

Some disclosed that they would use the $3m to arrange area boys and collect the $200m from him.

See different reactions below;

Source: AY Makun via Facebook

What will you use the $3 million to do?

Will you even agree to collect the lesser sum of $3m from $203m found together on the floor?

What are your responses these? You can join the conversation in the comment section below.

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