5 Times American Singer, Beyoncé, Gave An Electrifying Stage Performance (Photos)

American singer, Beyoncé is one singer who grew up on the stage and has held her passion for music since her teenage years when she was the lead singer of the now rested girls' music group, Destiny Child, up till now that she has undoubtedly attained the GOAT status.

For some of us, Beyoncé’s music is always magic after magic, from her exceptional vocals to her peculiar dance steps, and outstanding music videos, Beyoncé is named after her alter ego, Sasha Fierce.

In today’s article, we would be looking at Beyoncé’s most electrifying stage performances:

BET Awards (2006)

Even when the ordinary seems to be enough, Beyoncé puts in extra effort to not only stand out but own the spotlight. Beyoncé's performance of, Déjà vu, in the 2006 BET Awards proved that she’s a show-stopper.

Billboard Awards (2011)

Undoubtedly, Beyoncé is among the few artists who can turn every stage performance into a historical event. She proved once more that she’s the Queen after she performed at the 2011 Billboard Awards with her chart-topping song, ‘Run The World (Girls)’ — you would agree with me that her performance was nothing short of breathtaking.

Glastonbury (2011)

Back in 2011, Beyoncé performed her crowd-pleaser, “Crazy In Love”, at Glastonbury, and it was nothing short of her eccentric performance.

Not only did she brought out the fire, but she also brought the energy and everything that makes her Queen Bey that’s loved around the world.

Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show

After performing a medley of some of her popular songs like, “Crazy In Love”, “End Of Time”, “Love On Top” and “Baby Boy”, Beyoncé decide to shock her fans by inviting her Destiny Child group on stage to perform “Bootylicious”, and “Independent Woman”. She concluded her performance with “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”, and “Halo”.

The Grammys (2017)

Beyoncé shocked fans and viewers of the 2017’s Grammy after she gave a stellar performance on stage. The singer performed ‘Sandcastle’ on stage after giving a breathtaking monologue of ‘Love Drought’.

What made this performance outstanding was the fact that she did all that while visibly pregnant with her twins — how amazing?

Which of these performances is your favorite?

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