5 Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Undergone Plastic Surgery And Their Fashion Moments Afterwards (Photos)

There are many women who did plastic surgery but lived in the shadows, they are afraid of the stigmatization from people, judging them for enhancing their body in different ways. The cost for this procedure is usually high, thereby, only rich and popular people in the society go for plastic surgery.

Many Nigerian celebrities came out to boldly lay claim as to why they underwent such procedure, while others shy away from the public, denying the fact that they went under the knife. Despite the numerous signs of body enhancement, some celebrities claimed to have gotten them naturally.

Below are 2 Nigerian celebrities who went under the knife, and their fashion moments afterwards.

1. Toke Makinwa.

Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian Radio personality, she is among the female celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery to enhance their body structure. Toke didn’t deny the fact that she made an adjustment to her bum, she claimed that she hated her body and wanted to feel comfortable within herself.

Toke claimed it to be the best thing she had ever done, despite many critics from people about her decision. She is one of the celebrities who don’t care about people opinion concerning the changes that she made to her body. Toke admitted to getting a lip filler, an action she termed unnecessary.

She made this revelation during a question and answer session on her YouTube page, she doesn’t regret her decision. Below are some fashion moments of the beautiful woman afterwards.

– Toke rocking the long black gown.

– Toke rocking the 2-piece outfit.

– Toke rocking the glittery long gown.

– Toke rocking the 2-piece outfit.

– Toke rocking the long Ankara gown.

2. Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh is one of the female celebrities that is open about her journey doing plastic surgery, she claimed to have done liposuction, to give her the banging body that she desires. She is a Nigerian actress who shows off her body figure online, she is proud of the enhancement done to her body figure.

She revealed that she underwent the plastic surgery to have a perfect look, she wasn’t comfortable with her look before the surgery. Furthermore, she made this known during her interview with BBC. Tonto Dikeh is among the curvy actresses in Nigeria.

Below are fashion moments of the beautiful woman after her plastic surgery.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the Ankara long gown.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the purple jumpsuit.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the black 2-piece outfit.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the short blue gown.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the 3-piece outfit.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the black 2-piece outfit.

– Tonto Dikeh rocking the casual outfit.


3. Onyii Alex

Onyii Alex is among the top first celebrities to have gone under the knife. The actress who was skinny and straight before is now thick and curvy. Though she once tried denying having plastic surgery, the pressure was too much that she had to come out with the truth.

4. Chika Ike

5. Mercy Eke

Mercy Eke, winner of big brother Naija season four is having a hard time convincing Nigerians that her butt is real. This pretty queen who graced our screen for 99 days is believed to have gone under the knife because her butt doesn’t look natural. Although she still insists on them being real, Nigerians are not buying it.

Chika Ike, business woman, actress and producer is not left out on this list. She also had her body worked on to the astonishment of her fans. She later confessed that she worked on her body to please her fans.

The two women look alluring in their dress styles, making them the center of attention at events.

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