3 Popular Female Celebrities Who Has Appeared On Colourful Hair Styles (Photos)

The entertainment industry is gradually growing into one of the biggest and popular industries in the world. It has given several individuals and groups the opportunity to become popular by expressing themselves through acting, comedy, singing, etc.

Since the entertainment industry is filled mostly with popular celebrities, there is room for these celebrities to present themselves to be always beautiful. Some slay in beautiful dresses, colourful hair extensions, etc.

For the purpose of this article, I will be disclosing 3 celebrities who has appeared in colourful hair styles.

1. Nicki Minaj.

Despite being a popular female rapper, Nicki Minaj is also one of the entertainers who has high fashion sense. In terms of her hair styles, Nicki Minaj in most cases has slayed with colourful hair extensions. Some of these colors includes, gold, pink, white, orange, etc.

2. Guchi.

She is one of the upcoming popular Nigerian singers, who is popularly known as "Jenifer" because of her song. She has thrilled her fans both on social media, through her songs and video challenges on Tiktok especially.

One thing about Guchi is that, despite being a beautiful lady and good singer, she also have love for purple hair extensions. She either appear on purple hair attachments or purple hair weavons. But despite the color, she still looks beautiful on it.

3. DJ Cuppy.

DJ Cuppy as popularly known in the entertainment industry, is one of the daughters of Mr Femi Otedola. Dj Cuppy is disk jockey (DJ), and has proven in several occasions to her fans that she loves pink color.

DJ Cuppy is one entertainer who loves pink color, and even attach this love for pink to her hair styles. She most times do pink attachments or dress on pink weavons.

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