3 Nigerian Celebrities Who Bought Houses For Their Parents Before The Age Of 25 (Photos)

Most of the people who are successful in the world today are as a result of their parents' efforts. On the other hand, every parent's wish is that their children would be financially fit to take care of them at old age. There are lots of Nigerian teenage celebrities who are financially stable and are already taking care of their parents, even at a young age. Most of them bought their parents' houses. These celebrities include the following.

(1) Emmanuella (She was 10 years old)

Some months ago, she took to Instagram to announce that she had finally built a beautiful house for her mother. According to Emmanuella, the house is a gift of appreciation for all her mother’s prayers, encouragement, and support. She further joked that a mansion would follow suit very soon.

This is really a great achievement, as the youngster broke onto the entertainment scene when she was only five years old. She was often seen in comedy skits with Uncle Mark of the Mark Angel Comedy. Soon after, she managed to capture the attention of people around the world with her pieces, often going viral online.

(2) Regina Daniels (She was 19 years old)

The young Nigerian actress acquired a house for her mother in the Lekki area of Lagos State. The talented actress took to her Instagram page to share the good news with her fans who congratulated her. This is not the only gift she has given her mum. She has also reportedly bought a new Toyota Prado SUV worth around N15 million.

(3) JMasta

He is the official DJ for the popular Igbo rapper, Phyno. He made his parents proud after he got them a new and lasting property. In an Instagram post, JMasta recounted how he was initially laughed at by people for deciding to be a DJ, despite him choosing the career path because of his love for it. He also disclosed that the house was for his parents to just flex for now and that he had bigger plans for them in the future.

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