2 Nigerian Actresses Who Acquired Fame In The Industry Not Because Of Their Curvy Body Shape (Photos)

In this article, we are going to look at two popular Nollywood actresses who have achieved greater heights in their careers, not because of their physical appearance or looks.

1. Biodun Okeowa

This lady is undoubtedly fit to be amongst the industry's most beautiful and curvy actresses. She has gained fame in her career, which has led to various criticisms from people. However, she was also rumored to have achieved success because of her body but later made it known to people that God and hard work pay.

2. Destiny Etiko

Over the years, Destiny has starred in different Nigerian movies, which have helped her acquire fame to a certain level. She is rated one of the Nigerian filming industry's curvy actors because of her appearance. However, many people who saw the fast rise of the actress made claims that she was succeeding in her acting career because she was naturally endowed. Later on, Destiny came to clarify for fans and trolls in a public conversation, saying, "With curves or not, you must have content."

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