The world we live in and the world around us have distinctive ideologies that shape us and determine how we should live our lives. Sadly, many have willingly given up on what actually works for them just to fully align and go the way of the world.

Today, I say this with every amount of humility but is it not shameful and degrading that most men think that money is the only way through which they can get girls? With all due respect, call me up tomorrow to defend this claim, I would authoritatively hit my chest to the fact that there are one million and one purpose driven ladies out there who are not ultimately interested in the monetary aspect of their relationship with guys. 

And before you begin to argue and try to put a lie to this simple reality of life, I have painstakingly carried out a well resourced research on a few important things ladies usually seek and look out for in a relationship which are way beyond cash. 

To further put some icing on the cake, if you can successfully meet those needs, the tables may turn to your favour. She may be ever loyal and faithful to you or be engaging in extra affair just to be getting the money and spending it on you. Without further ado, please gently scroll down like a king upon his throne to behold some of the major things a lady may desire and crave for in a relationship other than cash; 

1. Attention 

It was Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu of the modern society that opined, giving attention to a lady can be likened to what philosophy is to logic. This is usually a major craving for ladies because the very moment you either stop texting or calling, trouble begins to rear up its head like a rattle snake. Many will not agree but a sensible lady craves for attention more than money. Give her attention and not excuses, and watch her will fall heads over heels for you. 

2. Responsibility

Responsibilities make us responsible and this is one virtue that seems to have sadly disappeared in the 21st century. Many men have not finished taking care of themselves let alone their families. Some stay at home, others hang out and most fear responsibilities. Most ashamedly, today's vision-less men who have not discovered purpose take strong drinks, smoke harmful substances, keep late nights, play senseless bets and shamelessly engage in some dangerous extra marital affair. Away from all that, you can make a woman love you without caring much about money when you are responsible enough to show care, take up credible challenges and meet her needs.

3. Kindness

Kindness is the only language the deaf could understand and the blind could see (apologies to Mark Twain). When you download and install this software in your relationship, the love of your woman is fully activated. Regardless of how much you have or can give would be pushed aside for the operating system of love to run smoothly. Women love men who are kind and love all the more, men who show kindness. 

4. Vision 

Be vision oriented, set goals, carry out your plans, lay them down and be on course. Nothing moves a woman to know that she is in alignment with a man in whom her future is most assuredly, secured. Money may come and go if there are no systems in place to either generate or recycle it. But when a man charts his own course and sets up modalities that sustain his capacity to generate income, a woman's love is secured. This is not rocket science because it has been proven beyond doubts and in many occasions than one. 

5. Be good in the other room

I realize the fact that this point is a little awkward but this is what is obtainable in our world today. Women enjoy men who always come good whenever they make out. Ever wondered why some ladies hang out with men who give them cash gifts but still prefer to open up and give their all to guys who rich or to them in body, soul and spirit (smile)? If you claim you don't know, neither do I. But I trust you know better, do well to eat well, take good care of yourself, avoid sleeping around so that you would not contract venereal diseases that would weaken your system. 

The technology of making a woman fall in love with you other than money is carefully inserted in those outlined points, don't just read and add them to your head knowledge. The knowledge that works is the one you put to work (apologies to V. John Simeon). Act now and your best life will begin. 

Thanks for reading.