One thing most ladies want, is to get married while they are still young and beautiful, not when old age has kicked in. This is why you are most ladies going from one church to another, praying for husband.

Over the years Ladies always expect themselves to get married, and then the year ends with them being single. Most times ladies end up being single she to some behaviors, and things they do.

If you don't stop these things in 2021, you may end up being single again, let's look at them below;

1. The craze over Bone Straight Wig and Iphone

Alot of ladies are only attracted to material things, and not all guys love such ladies like that. Almost every girl wants to use the latest iPhone, want to wear the most expensive wigs, forgetting that life is much more than that.

Men want a Woman that is productive, a Woman that knows how to save money and not just waste it. Stop depending on Men too much, stop being materialistic, so you don't end up being single this year.

2. If you always ask Men that message you how they got your number, it may hinder you from alot of things.

Alot of ladies have missed their future husbands, just because of that particular question. Just leave that question, and speak politely to the Man that is talking to you, he may be your future husband.

3. Always asking guys for urgent 2000 Naira, urgent cash, instead of encouraging him to save up, this can push a man away from you.

4. Not knowing how to cook and clean

If you are the type that loves claiming slay queen, you can't cook, neither can you clean, my dear you may end up not finding a Husband this year. A Man wants a lady that would take care of him and his kids, not a lazy slay queen.

5. If you are always indoors

Everyday you are always inside your house, you hardly come outside, how do you want to find a husband. Don't expect the Man to come to come to your house and locate you, go out and make friends, allow people see you.

Kindly look into these aspect of your life, if you don't want to be single in this new year.