1 Spend more time with that person

When you spend more time with the person you love, that person will start growing find of you and liking more and more as times goes by. They tend to be attracted to the woman or man they always see around.

2 Try and imitate the person

The is one strategy that works well for some people which involves skillfully imitating persons a person. To make the person to deeply love you, try and imitate the person's behaviour, habits, hubby's and a few other qualities of the person. That will make the person feel both of you are compatible with each other.

3 Rain praises on the person

People love compliment especially woman, so when you always compliment the person you love, that person will start developing likeness for you. People also love the positive energy and loves having people with positive energy around them, so when you show positive energy around the person, the person will love you deeply.

4 Allow the person to talk about him or herself

Letting the person share a story about him/herself, rather than talking about yourself all the time will make them free and open with you for any other reason.

5 Never hide your weaknesses from them

People tend to love more when they know the weak points of others, they don't like people who act as if they are perfect without flaws. So when you show your weakness to the person you love that person will slowly love you back.

6 Smile and always be cheerful when speaking to the person you love

He/she will love you more when you are always cheerful around them instead of being sad.

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