Don't do these 6 things in an unrelated relationship, because although love is spontaneous and will not shrink, be careful, especially if you have no formal relationship with your lover. For most people, love is sharing, caring and living. Just like most people, you will fall in love and find love. This becomes more and more difficult. Most people prefer to experience non-emotional physical relationships

This means that maintaining a long-term relationship is almost a dream. A few days of sex and love intend to end the pain, and you oppose it in the love market.

Therefore, even if the relationship seems perfect, never do anything for this person-at least until you get married or get mandatory documents. Love is to give up, give up some, but.

1. Don't change your personality.

Now they say you should change to the one you like. Yes, it does. However, when the changes come only from you and seem to have been remade, then something went wrong. Unless you do have bad habits, no man or woman should try to completely change you. In addition, if you are separated from others, the fact that you don’t know yourself will exacerbate the harm. Without that person, you will have nothing. Those who love you must accept you.

2 Real. Don't give up your dreams:

Estee Lauder is another place you must pay attention to. Two people in love exist without killing each other. Mutual adaptation can change your career and dreams, which is a good thing. But there is a limit, a true lover will help his dream and ask him to leave. He works in the middle. If you have lost your dreams about an unstable marriage, especially marriage, then sorry will be your comfort.

3. Don't abandon your friends and family

well, some people let love kill the relationship with customs and relatives before meeting their lovers, which is really sad. They don’t realize that when you worry about the road to life, friends are the only thing you can return to! If the lover has reasons to interrupt contact with relatives and friends, please leave. They should find a way to adapt to your friends. If you lose friends because of this relationship, what if it ends?

4. Don't start a company or share detailed information. Many people believe that exposing all business plans and financial information to famous lovers is a kind of love. But this is dangerous. Many people like to cheat and may misunderstand. If you can access sensitive official details, such as ATM card PIN, online banking password, product document details, etc., you may be in danger!

5. Don't become a donor. 404 lovers should help each other morally and financially. However, it will not be entangled with the lollipop, the lollipop will be fed to you alone. You are not anyone’s bank account or donation agency. As you wish, please make sure it is reasonable and meets actual needs. Lovers who always give back more are gold diggers, this is a fraud you don't need. Small gifts are cool, but they should not be the standard and basis of love.

6. Don't give personal loans, bad personal investments. Loan is

Relationship execution If your lover wants to get a lot of money from you, please proceed carefully and correctly. In the worst case, make sure to deposit the money in his bank account in an emergency. It is unreasonable to delete N200,000 and give your lover cash as a loan. Instead, make a bank transfer and write “ready”. If the money is important, you may need to sign an IOU.

Also avoid making foolish investments, such as establishing a business or financing a project without legal documents. This kind of investment may seem rigid, but many people die of former lovers because they cannot recover their “investment.”