These are some signs of fake love that you have to avoid in a relationship:

1. Snubbing:

Snubbing is also one of the factor that lead to fake relationship. He or she will pretend to show love to you physically but is not mean it intentionally. When there is distance between each other, they will start Snubbing and never show you love again.

2. Another way to detect the fake relationship is that, both lovers will start angry with each other and talk angrily. Once you notice this, you don't have to panic just try to examine the wrong person and after you discover that the person is just showing fake love you can move away from that person.

3. Misunderstanding: Misunderstanding is a situation whereby the couple will be unable to make a right conversation with themselves. Although misunderstanding usually happened in a real relationship and fake one but when there is too much Misunderstanding between two lovers it their relationship can later end badly. 

4. Hidden Secrets:

There is nothing called relationship if it is not by knowing each other personal life deeply. But when girls are starting hidden secrets for you continuously. This is also another sign if fake relationship and you have to avoid it before it affect you. 

5. Unconcern:

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Unconcern is lack of concentration between each other. There will not be any sign of love feelings for each other.

So, these are the top 5 signs of fake love in relationship. 

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