Hey, shout out to all the love birds out there. To be in love is a beautiful feeling especially when you have found that one that melts your heart and gives you joy anytime you set your eyes on her.

It in the olden days couples call their partner by their name, but now there various sweet names you can call your partner.

Girls especially loves to be loved, the way you speak should show love because they actually like it when you say nice things them, they will also appreciate it when you call them these nice names.

The "sweetheart" is a common name people use, but to stay classy and uncommon, you can use these names

1. Love bug

2. Shug

3. Queen

4. Dreamgirl

5. Darling

6. Joy giver

7. Sweetie

8.cool chick

9. Love of my life

10. Dearest

11. Other half

12. My heart

13. One and only

14. One in a million

15. Beloved

16. Babe

These are the things you say that will make the love grow stronger and makes your woman happy.

Make sure you start calling your partner sweet names henceforth.

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