Signs You're With The Man That Doesn't Want To Marry You, But Wants This Instead

I learned that, it's not all guys that asks a lady out really want to marry them, some just needs someone to handout or have fun with.

That's why you needs to be very careful as a lady, you don't have to be carried away by their sweet words, looks, gifts and emotions. There are some critical signs you needs to take into consideration before going too far with such a guy.

It hurts me alot whenever I see a lady being used and dumped by the guy she has invested her time, love, and money on all in the name of relationship.

But then it comes to my mind that the lady fails to do her part well before going too far with such man, it's important to study the man dating you right now, if he's really serious about marry you or just want funs.

To do this, today I present to you some signs that shows that a man just want to date you instead of taking you to the altar.

1. He doesn't commit to the relationship

To be committed means to be dedicated or devoted to something. And this is needed to make a relationship work. So once you notice that he doesn't commit to the relationship, my sister he just wants a date.

2. Doesn't talks about future

When you notice that the guy you are in a relationship with only talks about the present and no plans for the future with you, he just wants a date.

3. Doesn't bother hearing about your future goals and dreams

This is another sign that he want a date instead of marriage. When he seems not interested to be part of your dreams in life, talkless of helping you to achieve it.

4. Doesn't want to show you off to everyone

This shows that you are not good enough to be his wife! If he really wants to marry you, he won't be asking you to come to his house late at night, then live early in the morning.

5. Can't had a conversation

Communication is an important tools in every healthy relationship, in a relationship, you do not just talk because you have something to say, there is always a purpose for communication.

A successful relationship is a union of good talkers and listeners. So once you notice he finds it difficult to talk to you, he just wants a date.

6. You don't feel loved in the relationship

Everyone has something to say about love, but the outcome of relationship proves that most people don't know what love is all about.

What many call love is lust, selfishness or greed. When you notice that he doesn't makes you feel loved, he just want a date!

That is it for today, so what's your takes on this? Kindly share your thoughts, stay connected, stay enlightened and don't forget to like and share this content.

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