A lot of things keeps changing in our environment, a once sane and controlled environment is now what is loosing it integrity and what it once was famous for, due to rapid and growing immoral acts among other vices. A society is prone to have problems when what should be condemned turns out to be elevated and celebrated.

There is need for every parents to keep their ward and children in control and informed of the rights and wrongs of a civil and responsible society. The picture above is that of two people that looks like teenagers kissing and getting physical outside, without remorse or fear that an adult would rebuke them for acting like that.

As a parent, it is your ultimate responsibility to groom your children and wards in a way you will be able to boast of them at the public, and not in a way they will end up shaming you with their attitudes and actions. Shame is also something to instill in children while growing up, even though many people fail to realize this fact.

There are somethings your children can't do, as it will be hinged at the parents loose parenting or tagged as a result of woeful failure in responsible parenting. Teenagers needs to be put in the right direction and if a parent or guardian fails to do this, they end up doing acts that brings shame to such person in a way or another.