Pray For Them: 3 Nollywood Stars Who Are Currently Battling With Sickness

There's a popular adage that says "health is wealth", its only someone who is healthy that can accumulate wealth, and its only someone that is healthy that can think about nice cloths, bone straight hair, woman hair and all that. Sickness is not something that should be wished on another person. Have you ever been with a suck person before in the hospital? Have anyone of your loved one ever battles for their life on the sick bed? Then you can be able to relate to the plight of these celebrities.

Ify Onwuemene

She is a popular Nollywood celebrities for many years now, she acted alongside Enebili and Sam loco in different movies. For a year now and some months she has been battling with Endometrial cancer, its a kind of cancer that arises from the lining of the womb, its an abnormal growth of cells.

So far on her health there have been some improvement but the last we saw a video of her was in October. Nothing has been said about her husband and her kids. We hope she comes out of this sickness strong and healthy so she can also tell the story of how she fought and conquered cancer.

2. Ifeanyi Ezeokeke

This actor has been battling with an unknown sickness for a long time and has not recovered.

3. Henry Onyeka

This actor was shot in the spine by a stray bullet of the military in jos, and since then he has been on the wheelchair.

There are different kinds of cancer this days and that is why it is advised for ladies to always check themselves properly and conduct necessary test, cancer can be cured if it is still in the first stage. Also men are not left out, men need to check themselves for prostrate cancer.

If you are reading this, try and get various test done on your health, so you can be free from cancer, don't forget to like, share and follow, also use the comment section to drop your questions.

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