Just like ladies, guys have the inbuilt tendency to be laid off from a relationship due to some careless words. Words have impact in guys as much as it does to ladies, you can make a guy love you the more by being more careful with the words you utter to him.

Below are words you should never utter to a guy if you don't want to loose him to the loving arm of another woman.

Never Tell A Guy He Is Not Man Enough

Guys are beings that like appreciation and encouragement, they love it when their little effort is appreciated and encouraged. Instead of saying he is not man enough, why not encourage him and support him, the more you encourage and support a guys dreams and vision, the more his love for you grows.

Never Tell A Guy To Shut Up

All guys likes respect. When you tell a guy to shut up, he finds it derogatory and it damages his self esteem and worth. Respect is the security belt of guys, telling a guy to shut up is like destroying his well being, and if a guy does not find respect in you, he will look for it elsewhere. A guy feels valued and loved when you give him respect.

Never Tell A Guy That He Can't Make It

It's like a murder when you tell a guy he can't make it, the value of a guy is attached to his success. Guys don't like being underestimated. When you tell a guy he can't make it you are bringing his core systems and beliefs down, and he won't hesitate to go for the lady that believes in his passion and dreams.

Never Tell A Guy That His Friends Are Better Than Him

This is a very dangerous mistake to make, the moment you start comparing your guy to his friends he starts getting unsecured around you. He begins to feel worthless and less of a man. It could damage his relationship with his friends and definitely his love for you deteriorates.

Never Tell A Man That He Is Ugly

Men also loves hearing appraisals, they love it when you tell them they are cute and handsome. Telling a guy that he is ugly makes his ashamed of himself and feels less confident in public and other meetings. Make him feel valued and more confident, and he will love you the more.