Relationships are not meant to be places of pain and bondage, a relationship is meant to be enjoyed and even though things do not always go smoothly they shouldn't get so bad to the point the your life is at stake.

Many ladies don't know when to endure and when to leave a relationship, some of them just do these two things in opposite ways and it can be detrimental if you endure at the wrong time.

No matter how rich he is, even if he always buys you gifts and takes you on outings or he even buys you "bone straight" you have to breakup with him for good or quietly runaway (if your boyfriend is the possessive type) when he shows does some things or shows any tendency of doing these things.

1. Cut You Off From Your Friends/Family.

As a lady you should know this very important thing; Your friends and family members are your only link to the outside world when you're in a relationship.

Any guy you are dating should learn to respect your friends and family members but if he can't do that then he should not make you break ties with them, any guy who does this most probably wants to own you, he most probably wants you to be dependent on him alone as the only person in your life.

Sometimes when this happens if domestic violence start between both of you, you won't have anyone to run to as he would have completely cut you off from the outside world, Beware!!!

2. Threatens Your Life.

In this part of the world I think it is safe to say that we don't take some things so seriously and it can be disastrous in cases where those things boomerang. A threat to your life might be made in an argument or playfully and the moment any of such threats come you need to be on your toes.

Quickly and quietly you have to break any bond that is binding you to your boyfriend or your relationship, even if he is so wealthy please runaway quickly.

3. Beats You.

This is the hight of it all, if a guy does as little as lay his hand on you in form or a slap or blow then you just got the brightest greenlight ever to runaway, I'm using the term runaway so that you know how serious the issue is.

You can't stay one more minute because once it has happened the first time and you still stay then it will most likely happen a second and a third time.

These are three things that you can't tolerate, no matter how normal you see it or how far he goes to apologize my advice to you is that you have to move far away from such a guy.

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