Ladies Should Avoid Wearing This Kind Of Short Gowns To Church.

Since the inception of church, right from the early days it has always been said we should always dress decently in the presence of our maker.

As time began to move forward and many advancement in technology and the changes occuring rapidly around the world, many people actually care less about what they wear to church these days, yes we are the owner of our body and no one is condemning any clothe we wear, it is just an advice to ladies.

There's no harm in looking good when you go to church, or appearing hot when people see you in church but it needs to be done in moderation and in all form of decency.

Ladies can possibly wear short gowns but there are some gowns which are meant for church, it can be worn to parties or any social event of your choice but you wearing that to church makes it look like a culture shock, yes all attention might be in you but I bet you more attention based on you would be negative thoughts of people towards your clothes.

Down below are some of the shirt gowns ladies should avoid wearing to church service;

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