Ladies, Don't Let Any Man Waste Your Time, These Are Five Signs Of A Typical Nigeria Play Boy.

Good relationships don't happen overnight. They take commitment, compromise, forgiveness and effort. Not all play boys are the same , infact some of them are good pretenders that you wouldn't notice signs of you been played. Healthy relationships bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself. A healthy relationship does not mean a “perfect” one but a relationship both partners work together to achieve common goals. This article will be focusing majorly on signs of a typical Nigeria play boy.

Here are five major signs of a typical Nigeria play boy below :

1. A typical Nigeria play boy doesn't spend on you

The economy situation of Nigeria is presently pathetic but then a guy who really cares will go extra mile to spend on her lady. Spending doesn't necessarily means money , spending ranges from time , affection and resources. Pay attention to little details of your guy and notice if he will be able to come through when you are down 

2. A typical Nigeria play boy doesn't call or text

A typical Nigeria play boy always have excuses for failure . They don't value communication with their girl friends. Don't be decevied with excuses like " I don't like calling " , " I'm always busy " , " I'm not a fan of sending text" e.t.c . Communication is key and important in any relationship. A man who really cares and loves you will always find time to check up on you at regular intervals . 

3. A typical Nigeria play boy doesn't want to commit

Commitment is a key role in a relationship, it goes a long way in keeping things right . Statement like " Lets see how this relationship goes" are typical lines of a Nigeria play boy . They are never committed to relationship, they just want to have fun and leave you when they are done 

4. A typical Nigeria play boy doesn't show ladies off

Imagine dating a guy for 4 to 5 years without you knowing his family members ( extended or nuclear) , the relationship is 80 percent bound to fail. If a guy truly and genuinely loves you, he will definitely show you off to his family members and friends. This goes a long way and big statement that he's down to earth with you 

5.  A typical Nigeria play boy asks for favors all the time

For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the Savior of his body, the church - Ephesians 5: 23 . A typical Nigeria play boy only show concern or attention when he needs fund from you , he will subtly humble just to get the funds.He always wants you to go out of your way to please him but he can't do the same.

Ladies beware of these five major signs of a typical Nigeria play boy, don't let any man waste your time and years on earth . You deserve better

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